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Spider Silk Halloween Journal

Halloween is coming soon, so here's a festive post. I've made three journals themed around Halloween, and hope to work on the Spider Silk one some more in the near future.

You can explore and see all the other pictures plus videos of the books I make by visiting the links to my junk journal/ recycled craft blog.

Makers Halloween Mini books

I find the mini journals to be really fun. one is made from a tissue box, the other from packaging that came from a pack of Halloween tights.

Filling books with art seems enchanting in some way, and I love my paper. =P

Recycled Sticker Book

I've been busy at the craft desk these past 4 months, working away at the art of book making using an assortment of papers and junk. I figured I'd share a journal post to overview what I've gotten down, with links to the blog where I share all my books, lots of pictures included.

In July I made this homemade sticker book above.

Candy Cane Cookie Journal- incomplete

I also made this peppermint cookie book for Christmas, using a cereal box, paint, cookie box, scrapbook paper, brown paper, and lots of other stuff.

Truffino Chocolate Junk Journal

The Truffino chocolate book is one of my fancier chocolate themed journals made from a chocolate truffle box.

Chocolate Happiness Journal

I also made a smaller, personal chocolate themed book for all the ideas involving chocolate that I have.

Detectie Case Journals 2-3

A few more detective case file journals for telling detective stories also came out of the mix.

Winter Wonderland Junk Journal

The winter wonderland journal is my favorite in color for a winter Christmas journal.

Cozy Christmas Cottage Journal

The relative of the winter wonderland journal is the Cozy Christmas Cottage journal. It's made using a cereal box, brown paper, paper bag images, acrylic paint, stenciling, and other materials.

Electro Manroe Notebook

And finally, today I got up the Sound Ripples sketchbook, a small sketchbook I made personal cover art for, creating the cover from recycled packaging. :D

It felt like an appropriate time to update the journal here on Deviant Art, having not spoken since last July.
Time has just flown by, and I can say I've made art pieces that I keep to my blogs more so than here.

Not long ago I did this video on how to make your own miniature coffee bags. Went through a mood of making minis.
Ella and coffee by Pearllight180Ella and coffee mini by Pearllight180
I've come to like them for dolls, but they work for any figurine. If you want to know more about this project Check out the blog post Miniature Coffee Bags-DIY

Front Cover 2006-2007 journal by Pearllight180Back Cover 2006-2007 journal by Pearllight180
My book sharing has been rather dormant as well, but on the 12'th I made a video on my very first journal, and have shared some of the art from within on here. I have quite a history in journal keeping, and you can find out more about it on the post My First Journal 2006-2008 Journal Journey

Seawing Book Cover by Pearllight180
I also feel a need to make an update on my progress in the Seawing story concept. I had mentioned about making this cover in the last entry, but never spoke of it since then. I am indeed working towards more story concepts for this story, and have come across a few ideas for backstory of this tale.

I still remain slow going in all my story projects, but I do hope to write a script for the Seawing story in the near future. I'm also debating on whether or not to make a photo comic or a drawn comic of this story if I ever get that far to making it. Hard to decide, but I find myself loving the Seawing universe every time summer comes around.
Dance to the Tides by Pearllight180
For those following, the heat of summer and my want for a vacation have urged me to start working on basic cards and displays of my MOCs from the Seawing series. For any of those who have seen the blog posts, you'll know Seawing is one of my many out of the blue inventions, a random idea that somehow led to a fan fiction based back story that could become a comic. Three other main characters exist in the Seawing world and currently I'm working on the other pictures for them.

A future tip is that once I have my main images ready for use, you'll likely be seeing some concept cover art for the fan fiction comic of Seawing. As some of you may know, I've been going through concept cover art to introduce many of my ideas that could take years to establish and make into something. Most of them have remained concept, but that doesn't stop me from creating imagery for these story ideas.

Takanuva's Travels Comic Cover by Pearllight180  Mata Nui Investigators- book cover by Pearllight180  Pearllight Origins Book Cover by Pearllight180
I've made three concept covers for some of my story ideas, displayed above. It's a fun game, semi relaxing and simple as long as I don't overthink things. Granted I have no guarantees of how long or even if I'll ever manage to make stories for all these concepts, but that's natural to expect considering through the years I've had too many ideas to count, and after listing the main story ideas be it big or small, fan based or original, written novel or graphic novel, and excludes mini comic strips and panels, it's boiled down to over ten concepts waiting for attention (I have a notebook for just those ideas...).
Imagine how it is to have that many ideas for rather large stories, you being the writer, editor, and artists.....(it takes energy). Luffy Anime Emoji (Disappointed) [V3]I'm sure other artists in the community can relate. But regardless, I will stay determined to make cover art for each concept as a reminder to myself of what all goes through my head.

Lets not forget Life of Lewa, you know, that six year old fan fiction that's taking me too long to write because I lack motivation...and help.
LoL Intro Poster by Pearllight180
Yeah, that one. I'd like to thank those who peek at it now and then, and apologize for the fact that it may be a dormant project which won't be shown in story form for a very long time till I get it worked out. But for those who like it, glad to hear it. I have to admit making a fan fiction after you role played it about four years before is a rather tough thing to do....especially when you're doing it by yourself. Can anyone relate to that? Starting a story four years after thinking it up and acting it with someone, with no idea as to wear it ends just where it starts.
 If, and hopefully when I reach the completion point of this fan fiction (even if it doesn't have a true ending), I know the Lewa monkey/victory dance will be going through my head. LEWALALEWALALEWALA What am I talking about? This mini stop motion I did a long time ago.

Makes me giggle.Giggle 

Aside from all the stories I've had swirling in my brain, I've also been working on other projects, mostly books.
Reese's Heart Book by Pearllight180Reed's Candy Box Book by Pearllight180

You know, that not so embraced paper craft in the DA community. I will admit that because I do a bit of this and that in my world of art, it's hard to just settle with one project to work on for a day. I will say this is one of the reasons writing stories takes me awhile. After half a chapter my brain starts to feel numb and I know I need a break from staring at the computer, my hands itching to fold, cut, glue, sew, anything but type. Anyone know that feeling?

Some little questions for my watchers, do any of you enjoy reading the stories I share? Do you find them fun, feel inspired by the art I make?
Hello fellow Deviants, watchers, and art enthusiasts. I know it's been half a year since I made a journal entry, yikes. Erk
Anyway, I have some fun things to share, and a few thank yous to make too.

I have enjoyed my paper crafts, books and paper are one of my passions, and I have so many different ones to make it's ridiculous. For those who may have missed it and are interested to see the inside of this book, I made a video flip through to show it.

Now aside from books I do of course have a handful of fan art that I've been putting up, the following video is the most recent one for the moment.

It's not often I make stop motion due to time and lack of space, but here's an old set of a few test runs compiled as a joke. Kiina kung fu, details in video description. You can also read more on the blog post  Kiina-fu Stop Motion

Kyrian Silverwind by Pearllight180Sicline Orvel by Pearllight180

These two recent character designs have been very fun to make. Here's some Trivia, the mask designs of the two were better formed and based around Human portraits done by other artists here on DA.

The following work of :iconmckadesinsanity: :iconanathematixs: and :icongothic-icecream:, all extremely talented artists helped inspire some of the curves and features of my characters above.

  Without a Word by mckadesinsanity  - High Key Speedpaint - by Anathematixs
Basically the concept in my mind was what if my characters were Human, what would I dream of them looking like if they were?

The beautiful portraits I stumbled on here and there struck my imagination and helped me visualize that idea better. Left image above called "Without a Word" made me think of Kyrian's character, and if you looks closely at the mask shape in Ky's drawing, it was inspired off the jaw shape in this painting, and the look in the eyes. I imagined this being exactly what Ky would look like, just make the eyes glass blue, and exclude stubble. =P

Embarrassing trivia, I'm captivated by this particular picture. When I saw it for the first time, I just kept looking at it, the gaze of the eyes drew me in. For a moment, and even through the days, I almost wished this person were real (amazing this isn't a real person).

The right image and the image below, both done by the amazing Anthematixs, helped inspire the style of Sicline. I imagined Sicle to be a combo of these two faces in some way, and her mask design came out better when I looked at these two pictures for reference (if that makes sense)....

- Jenna - by Anathematixs  Rain Dance by gothic-icecream

The third image called "Rain Dance" by gothic-icecream also helped inspire me a bit more. I really like the sharp yet soft appearance of this one.

So thanks to all the incredibly talented artists out there, your wonderful work helped inspire me.

For more details on the characters of Ky and Sicle, just click on the blog posts  Kyrian Silveriwind and Sicline Orvel

Final news, my birthday is coming up, so yay cake!birthday cakeHope to be sharing more soon, thanks for watching, commenting, and sharing. :)

For those who follow me, you've probably seen the recent props I've made. I have been working my hands and enjoying myself to the fullest in art, especially crafts.
The MOC space station took some work, but it feels like it was worth it. In case you missed it, I made a video to show the space station prop and its functions just above.

And now, I'm so happy to share the newest upload on my recent craft, mini comic books made for MOCs or dolls. I did face a few hick ups, but minus that they came out fine and I'm ready to try making similar things some time in the future.

Hope the holidays have been good for everyone. They've left me with a big pile of inspiration and I hope this train of creativity continues into the new year. :)
Okay, so I've been all over the place in projects, all of which are in half way stages at this time, hence the reason I haven't posted them here yet.
            So what have I been doing? Oh you know, just some props for still life photos and MOC's, also working on journals and books/book page making (which has been pretty interesting). And yes, I am writing still, currently working on LoL chapter 9, "Smug Bug" (may be a bit till I have it done and officially posted). I hope to get up images of whatever I get done first (possibly videos). My hands are rather full in the art sense....

Until then, here are some sneak peeks.
Ship back unfinished by Pearllight180
It doesn't seem like much yet, but this is a prop I'm currently working on (can you guess what for?). Taking me time, but I will get it done eventually, and hopefully get some super cool pictures in the future.

Name And Intro Pages by Pearllight180

And then there's this interesting, whacky idea I've wanted to get out forever, that is to fill a book with all the strange dreams and nightmares I've had and still remember. Recording dreams/nightmares is a great way to get inspiration, trust me. ^_^ Might make a video on the completed dream book once I get my small pages done and printed out.

Finally, this is a first time thing for me :iconsapphiregothiclolita: has tagged me.

Note: I won't be tagging others....don't want to be a bother, and can't think of ten people I'd want to tag.

1) You must post these rules.
2) Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves.
3) Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag.
4) Choose 10 people and put their icons in your journal.
5) Go to their page and inform them that they have been tagged by you.
6) Not something like "You are tagged if you read that". 
7) You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
8) No tag-backs.
9) You can't say that you don't do tags. 
10) You have the choice to make a journal entry! Comments if you prefer!

EDIT// I IGNORE RULE 5)! Once your icon is up, you'll be notified. Its probably that the rule 5) is only effective until DeviantART mentioned '________ mentioned you in ______________" if u use :icon_________:

Sapphire Gothic Lolita's questions

1. Pop or Rock music? Answer: I actually like multiple genres of music including Cirque Du Soleil, Two Steps From Hell, and Audio Machine
2. Bionicle or Hero Factory or both? Answer: Bionicle
3. What's your favorite color? Answer: Teal and lime green, but I love all colors.
4. Elsa or Anna from Frozen? Answer: Elsa (but I prefer the 2002 Hallmark film "Snow Queen" over Frozen).
5. Are you excited for Penguins of Madagascar to come out in cinemas? Answer: I didn't even know that existed....
6. Bionicle 2015 is coming....ARE YOU HYPED?!?!?!?!??!?!?! Answer: For a true answer on that, see my post "Bionicle 2015-opinionated article"
7. Owned a Varsity/Letterman jacket? Answer: Nope
8. La Muerte or Xibalba from Book of Life? Answer: I don't know what that is.
9. If Book of Life 2 is coming out, how will you react? Answer: Again, not familiar with the series.
10. Have you watched Five Nights at Freddy's 2 gameplays by youtubers such as Markiplier and Pewdiepie? Answer: Nope.

Front cover by Pearllight180  Inner cover by Pearllight180

Recent updates, yes, hello..haven't been saying much. =P So, here's what's been happening, I've been working on book projects, specifically personal book projects, one of them being the journal cover above, made from some scrapbook papers and an old file folder. I'm rather happy with this (one of many journals I keep). You can find details on the project, right here on the blog post Floral Feline Journal

Also on the lines of books, I helped in making some pages for a retro cookbook (family project sort of thing and gift). The Link leads to the blog post with extra images of the book and video flip I made (posted below).

Final book related projects of recently, for about a week now, I've been adding to my food catalog (I now call it a catalog, it's more fitting than food journal). So that's been fun. In case you don't know what I'm talking about, the image below is my food catalog's front cover, posted its video in one of my other DA journal entries.
Big Food front cover by Pearllight180

Finally, I've been slim on posting here and there, but some of my more recent fashion works and such relate to an RP that I started up privately with online buddies, hence the reason I've been less active on posting; but no worries, I have plenty to come, I'm just working on stuff in between, and posting when I can. Till then, thank you for watching and drop by soon. Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Kawaii Wink) [V6] 

Wow, It's only today that I realized I've been part of DA for two years. Starting on May 2 (but not listed as a two year marker till today), I became a member of Deviant Art, and it took me six months after that to get a small jump start (still seems I'm an ever so small yellow pin drop, but no matter, my work continues). Much has happened since that time, I must say I've had quite a medium paced adventure starting from DA and spreading beyond. =P

Also, thank you so much for visiting and following! I'm excited to see that my page is nearing 6,000 views (sure that seems small to some I'm sure; but it means something to me). La la la la And I greatly appreciate your kind words in the comments on my work; it keeps me motivated and willing to dish out even more, so thank you all for your support. :D (Big Grin)

To mark my second DA anniversary, there are some videos I wish to share. First off, I'm not technically a Biotuber, but I did do something silly and experimental. It started when I was practicing vocal and sang Biotubers in ascension through the microphone. I liked it, so I used it for an experimental intro video.

You can find its blog post here… (more on the art piece used in the video is shared there).

I would also like to share an old stop motion of Lewa doing the wave. This video is the very first stop motion I've shared on my channel, and I posted it about a week ago (you can find details on the blog post…)

And lastly, many of you may have noticed the Bionicle swing/chair I made a panel of recently; the video below is a review of it if you're interested. Be sure to check out the blog post for all the pictures and video…. grin wink 

Thanks again for following, commenting, and supporting! Hope to hear from you soon. ^.~
Bionicle YT Banners 2014 by Pearllight180WttDS exclusive poster by Pearllight180
Many of you I'm sure are aware of all the Bionicle Youtube banners I've been posting and making for multiple people. They are interesting, but now I have an announcement to make; I'm no longer taking requests; sorry for those who didn't get one. For full details on why, see the blog post Bionicle banner collections-and an announcement

I wish to return to my other projects for awhile; and am therefore putting this banner making craze on hold. For those who didn't get one, sorry, but I'm no longer taking requests.

My first idea was to charge five dollars for every custom banner order (but due to the complications of knowing if it's legal or not according to copyright law to sell what is essentially fan art inspired by the BIONICLE series, I've backed away from the idea). This consequently means I don't feel safe in charging, but am tired of working on projects for free; seeing little benefit for my efforts in return. Therefore I announce that custom MOC banner requests are closed until further notice.

Now that that's off my chest, I'd like to give out a thank you for those who have indeed credited and advertised my work as requested in previous rules. I especially thank 3rdeye88 for making a lovely journal entry about my work… and also Welcome to the Darksyde, who made a nice journal crediting me too welcometothedarksyde.deviantar… :D

Bionicle YT banners 2014 set 2 by Pearllight180 Bionicle YT banners 2014 set 3 by Pearllight180
I've also made a video for those already given a banner, to show how to properly use them (see below)

Pearllight banner by Pearllight180
On top of that I made the banner above as part of an instruction video on how to make your very own channel art. You can see how in the video below.

Seeing this is going to be a big journal entry, I also wanted to share my mini craft video for the image below. I've wanted to make a video for how to make snacks for your Bionicle since last year.
We Love Snacks! by Pearllight180

Yes, they love snacks, check out how to feed your hungry MOC's in the video below. =P

As mentioned in previous journal entry, I've been experimenting with a new homemade pop filter for my microphone. In the video above I show all the newest features of my mic stand made from K'Nex parts, which started off small and then became bigger.

Just though it would be fun to share ideas of what you can do with K'Nex. For more details, and link to the original design of my mike stand, check out today's blog post K'Nex mic stand with pop filter Have fun! grin wink
So I managed to make a behind the scenes article for the Introduction of LoL. I approached my sharing methods a little differently; and in the article below, I shared both the written script I work off of, and the pod cast.

I'm not entirely sure if this method of sharing seems awkward or not; I'm still kind of experimenting. But in my opinion, I feel like sharing both the script and pod cast together, so anyone has the choice to either read, listen, or do both.

It's only natural for me to work off a written script while making my pod casts. Reason why I do this is so no detail of what goes into each chapter is lost. If I were to wing my pod casts I know that I would more than likely miss important details along the way; but by writing a script first, I have all the room I need to think about what all went into each chapter through artistic reasoning, and therefore cover all my bases. After I make the script, I read it and create the pod cast; but since my scripts are written like articles, I figure there's no harm in sharing them with the podcast, for the sake of giving you the choice to read, listen, or do both.

There's only one thing that I find may become overwhelming. If I make files that hold both the script/article and podcast for behind the scenes details of every episode in Life of Lewa; it may become a huge collection at some point, and though it seems interesting, I'm unsure of whether I should keep these files with all the other LoL art pieces in the LoL folder, or if I should make a separate behind the scenes folder. Anyone have an opinion on the idea?

Anyway, feel free to check out the Intro podcast and article, maybe tell me if it sounds better. (Did you know that for the Intro pod cast I finally made a pop filter for my microphone. I'm hoping it helped; and plan to some time make
 a video on what my equipment looks like). wink
My crafty side is peeking through again. Not only have I been doing loads of Bionicle stuff, but I also crossed some food journal projects off the list, and have more on the way. Here's a peek at my crafty side below in the following videos. If you like making books, you might just like these.

First one above is a display of the five different tries I'd done at making food journals out of grocery bags. You can see more on the blog
post TJ's Paper Bag Food Journals-Video display

And then today's post BIG Trader Joes food Journal-DIY holds my newest video on how to make the basic pages for my newest food journal (video itself below)

I had fun working on this project, and for those who like trying this sort of thing, have fun and enjoy the vids! grin wink 
I'll admit, I'm stepping slightly out of my comfort zone on this, but I have been dreaming about it. Since I'm not a very fast reader, even when reading my own writings, I sat down and tried making my own pod cast for the Life of Lewa story. It's been my plan to make behind the scene pod casts for LoL, before I even started writing the tale. I figured it would be fun to make additional videos that explain the artistic process and exclusive details from the directors that help further explain LoL in detail; much like behind the scenes commentary as they have in movies.

With this idea, I sat down and gave my try at making my first behind the scene podcast of the LoL history article Life of Lewa-How it Began For those who like reading, thumbs up, but for those who prefer listening, the following video may be for you.

I'll confess... I feel like the podcast could be better; but I can only do so much with the simple equipment I have on hand, so apologies for the breath sounds and click noises, I don't have a devise to balance that issue out at this time. Also, my reading out loud skills aren't the greatest; I slip up ever so slightly in small parts of the recording, nothing you can't look past I suppose..after all, nothing is perfect.
        For me, listening to a story can fun, unfortunately I only have myself for making behind the scene pod casts; and I don't exactly hold the highest esteem for my own voice, and can only hope its squeakiness is bearable to those listening.

I'm considering the idea of making more behind the scene pod casts for each chapter of LoL, and maybe one day official pod casts for each LoL story chapter itself, much like books on tape. But at this time, I've only given it a first try, and hope I did ok...

What do you think? Should I make more of these?
Happy Valentines's Day by Pearllight180
Hello fellow watchers and visitors. Wanted to say in my own funny way, Happy Valentine's Day! :love:

I have much more coming, but most of my work is still in progress; till then, I've displayed some of my Valentine's Day themed art pieces below from 2013-2014, as a marker of what's been put in my folder, and reminder that there's plenty more to come. :D
Celtic Heart Kilt by Pearllight180 Wild Pink Rose-Neo Victorian style by Pearllight180Valentines Heart dress by Pearllight180

Frona Cupid MOC-Picture Collection by Pearllight180  Frona Cupid- Beauty Sleep by Pearllight180

Have a great day! ^.~
LoL Intro Poster by Pearllight180
For those who follow me, and enjoy my work, thank you. As you may have noticed, my gallery as of recently, has been flooded with a Bionicle fan fiction invented long ago and now being written, called Life of Lewa. This story is rather different I'll admit, and does contain more of my own characters that certainly never existed in canon Bionicle storyline. To make clear sense of it, everything in the story is more human in nature because of my character Pearllight; so if something seems weird, the answer to why is simply one name, Pearllight.

I'll admit that sharing this story for the first time is just slightly out of my comfort zone. Though not the first fan fiction I've ever played, it is the first fan fiction I've ever shared in written form. I greatly appreciate your enthusiasm, and anyone who takes interest to this tale. Though my confidence is weaker in the realm of writing, I hope to share this story even so. Your comments and encouragement, and the knowledge of knowing at least a few enjoy what I have to share, encourages me to continue in my underdeveloped sense of confidence in writing, so thank you very much, and I hope to share more soon.

Currently the fourth chapter of LoL is yet to be produced. It may be awhile till I make it, but hopefully soon I'll have the energy to do it, and probably throw in some extra pictures as I have been.

My mentality behind the stories I write, and the art I make, is that I wish to share my dreams with others. I wish to display what I can see in my mind, and bring it out so others can enjoy what normally can't be seen. By producing imagery and story chapters, I hope to share and enchant others, as these ideas have enchanted me when I thought of them. So please feel free to view clips of the many alternate worlds I've dreamt of, and hope to display for all to enjoy. Innocent 

       LoL- Flooded Fire by Pearllight180  Arena Hot Shots by Pearllight180LoL-Venimbus Enters by Pearllight180To Market-LoL by Pearllight180
Frona Cupid MOC-Picture Collection by Pearllight180   Frona Cupid- Beauty Sleep by Pearllight180
So you probably noticed the majorly girly splash of pink, heart filled Bionicle Valentine stuff. Personally I like the theme, but for some I'm sure your eyes have been melted out of heir sockets by the highly girlish set up going on here. This will likely be the last line of Frona Cupid stuff I'll be sharing, that is until I someday make a video on the MOC trading card project; then you'll likely see me introduce the cards in their somewhere. But I can thankfully say I'm now satisfied, and feel Frona Cupid and all her ridiculously girly poses and colors has been successfully displayed to their fullest.

Yes, I know Valentines Day is next month...but it never hurts to start sharing themes early. :love: Hope your eyes aren't completely cooked by all the pink, you're going to need them in order to view all the awesomeness of DA. =P (Razz)

On to more cool stuff. Some of you may have seen the Matoran Translation Medallion picture, but may not have noticed that there is in fact a DIY video on how to make your own posted on my blog. For those of you who may have missed that, I'm happily sharing it instantly in this journal post.

Have fun, and happy art making! :D (Big Grin) 
It's about time I wrote something for 2014. For starters I have fun news; if you like winter themes, Bionicle stuff, and maybe a video, that's great, because I plan to post more winter art and such soon. ^.^

As you may have noticed, a lot of my recent art pieces have contained the word "Ice" in them. This month I hope to get up more winter works, and also hope to share with you the second book to the "Travels of Frona" comic. I have yet to think up words and add text to the panels, then after that it will be complete.

There's also this song that has been enchanting me for several days now. Ever since I watched the film "Worlds Away" by Cirque Du Soeil, I've been touched by the intro song in a most unexplainable way. It has in fact helped inspire me to keep going and continue sharing my work, with hopes of shedding a little dream or two, and possibly help inspire you. Blush

I have no idea why I'm so enchanted by the song, but it relaxes me and makes me feel warm. So I'm sharing it here as a peek at the simple things that inspire me. :D (Big Grin) 
Nutcracker Pirate by Pearllight180

Okay, so I've been working away on stuff, stuff, and more stuff. Lately projects have predominately pertained to tweaking old art and getting it shown so it won't continue sitting in files for years to come.

You may have noticed all the odd, and kind of fun kids art I've been putting up for Christmas, and now that Christmas has come I have plenty of winter themed stuff in store, so tune in for that stuff likely to be shared in the upcoming month.

You might be wondering, what's with the Nutcracker above, and what happened to his other hand? I made some improvements on this poor guy; he lost his head then fell apart. :chuckle: I decided to make him into a pirate after his breakdown; to find out how, see Nutcracker Pirate post for all that fun stuff.

Untitled Drawing by Pearllight180

Christmas eggs by Pearllight180
New stuff going on for this month. Some of these family crafted Ukrainian Christmas eggs have been put into a store in hopes we can sell a few. The one egg on the far right happens to be one of the eggs we gave in for sale. You can read about these Ukraininan Christmas Eggs
on my blog for more details on what we're doing with them, and how they look as ornaments for your tree. ^.~

Also, you may have noticed the newest deviation I've uploaded of the card I made last year. There are more details on the blog post Snow Bird Card I did, where I include pictures of the first version, and have even made a video to show you how to make your own. The recordings were all done last year, just took me till this year to finally assemble the video (see below to watch it directly). ^.^

 Snow Bird Card-gold version by Pearllight180

Finally, just last night I made an icon image for the Students-United page. News is Figmentrose liked it, and has used it as the new icon for the group. :D In case you're wondering, the image is a picture of my own hands; sort of had a symbolic aspect behind the icon, which you can read about simply by clicking on the image. ^.~
Students United Icon by Pearllight180

There's the news, enjoy.